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Tadmarton Golf Club

Tadmarton Heath Golf Club is located in North Oxfordshire and is a private members only golf club. It is therefore ideal for those looking for some quality golfing time with minimum traffic. The club, however does open to visitors dependent on availability.

Tadmarton Heath opened its doors in October 1922 on the site of Holiwell Farm. The club was used as a tank training camp during the Second World Ware and resumed play in 1947. Tadmarton also offers a fishing club that is well-stocked with trout.

The Golf Course(s)

Tadmarton Heath Golf ClubThe golf course offers 18 holes that offer the classic heathland layout with broom and gorse in great abundance. The course is playable throughout the year due to its free-draining sandy soil.

The course is situated on a hill making wind a contributing factor to the difficulty of play for the more experienced golfer looking for a complex game. The natural beauty of the course only adds to the quality of play.

The holes are strategically placed so that they offer a challenging game. While the first nine holes are relatively open, the back nine live up to their association with heathland golf. Bunkers are of an unkempt nature and therefore each one offers a hazard that is uniquely complex.


  • Practice facilities
  • Coaching facilities
  • A well stocked fishing lake
  • Pro Shop
  • Open events and competitions
  • Clubhouse with dining facilities
  • PGA professionals for assistance and guidance

Membership Information

Tadmarton Heath offers numerous membership categories and packages including:

  • Full membership
  • Country membership
  • Students and intermediate membership
  • Juniors membership
  • Social membership
  • Associate membership
  • Social membership
  • Corporate membership
  • Academy membership