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OLCGA Competitions

OLCGA welcome entries to the advertised competitions. Please take advantage of being able to play some of our beautiful Oxfordshire courses. You do not have to be a low handicap player to enter or enjoy the competitions.

There are several different formats so hopefully something for everyone:

  • Bronze Championship - individual, 18 hole medal plus finals, hcp 20.5-40.4 
  • Mid-Silver Championship - individual, 18 hole medal plus finals, hcp 12.5- 20.4
  • County Championship - individual, 36 holes plus finals, hcp up to 20.4
  • County Shield - Foursomes Stableford, 27 holes, hcp up to 40.4
  • Oxfordshire Centenary Trophy  - Individual, 18 hole medal, hcp up to 20.4
  • 3-Ball Alliances - 18 hole stableford, teams of 3 (2 to count), hcp up to 40.4

Entry to OLCGA competitions may be possible after the closing date; please contact our Competition Secretary, Dawn Tucker, at compsec.olcga@gmail.com.

General Conditions of Play for all OLCGA Competitions

The following General Conditions of Play shall apply for all county competitions:

  • Players must compete off their correct handicap index and proof of handicap must be available to show on the day if required by the organisers. OLCGA follows the guidance given by England Golf. All players in trophy competitions & knockouts should have a fully developed Worldwide Handicap Index (at least 20 acceptable scores in their handicap record), but, at the discretion of the competition organisers, exceptions can be made for juniors and university/college students.
  • Caddies – there are no restrictions on the use of caddies in OLCGA Competitions except where stipulated in the entry conditions for junior competitions. The player is responsible for the caddie’s actions during the round and will receive a penalty if her caddie breaches a Rule (see Rule 10.3).
  • In all Competitions R&A Rule 4.3 applies to the use of equipment -  

    Getting information on distance or direction, such as from a distance-measuring device or compass, is permitted. Measuring elevation changes, or interpreting distance or directional information, such as using a device to get a recommended line of play or club selection based on the location of the player’s ball, is not allowed. Getting any type of weather information, including wind speed, that is available from weather forecasts, or measuring temperature and humidity at the course is allowed. Measuring wind speed at the course or using an artificial object to get other wind-related information, such as using powder to assess wind direction, is not permitted. 

    Penalty for first breach of this rule is the General Penalty, second breach is Disqualification.

  • Buggies are permitted in all OLCGA competitions apart from the junior and adult County Championships where the EG Transportation Policy 2022 will apply. For competitions, other than the County Championships, a medical certificate will not be required. Any player wishing to rent a buggy must make her own arrangements with the host club and will be bound by any conditions/restrictions imposed by the club as to their use.
  • Competitors who withdraw from individual competitions must notify the Competition Secretary. They should not fill the vacancy themselves as there may be a waiting list. In alliances or foursomes, you can find another appropriate partner, but must inform the Competition Secretary of the change before the day of play. If the whole 3-ball or foursomes pair need to withdraw, then contact the Competition Secretary as soon as possible.
  • Entry to all competitions is on a ‘first come’ basis. The Competition Secretary will close the competition ahead of the published closing date if the field is full. In this event Club Delegates will be notified by email.
  • Competition start times will be sent to all entrants and Club Delegates approximately two weeks ahead of the competition date.
  • If a prize-giving is scheduled to happen at a competition, it is hoped that all prize winners will be present.
  • In match-play competitions hosted by the county, the team captains must make the county aware if a junior player is in their squad, so that safeguarding measures are considered.
  • If a competition being played on the day is affected by extreme weather such as excessively high temperatures, the organising committee will determine whether it should be curtailed to a lesser number of holes, rescheduled, or abandoned. The welfare of all our members is of paramount importance.
  • OLCGA cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury encountered at any OLCGA competition.
  • OLCGA competitions will be organised by the County in accordance with their Policies & Procedures which can be viewed on our website www.olcga.org.uk.

Updated December 2022